Sunday 15 December Manchester Buddhist Centre

Getting to the Point
Ongoing Drop-in Dharma Retreat with Yashobodhi at West London Buddhist Centre

21 December 6pm with a meal and ends shortly after midnight 31 December - see website for more details.


Vajraloka group shot crop
Order Days
Saturday Bristol Buddhist Centre 11 January

Meditation Days (open to all)
West London Buddhist Centre Saturday 26 January

Longer Retreats
18-25 January Order Retreat (Spiritual Death), Adhisthana, UK
2-9 February
Preceptors' Retreat, Vajraloka, Wales
26-30 March:
Order Retreat, Vimaladhatu, Germany
11 - 23 April:
Sadhana Retreat, Vajraloka
25 April - 2 May
Meditation Retreat, Metta Vihara, Holland
9 - 18 May
Preceptors Retreat, Vajraloka
6 - 13 June
Young People's Meditation Retreat, Rivendell
4 September - 3 October
Total Immersion Meditation Retreat, Buddhafield
10 - 17 October
Insight into the Nature of Reality, Rivendell
26 December - January
Winter Retreat, Vimaladhatu, Germany


uary 2009
A retreat with Guhyapati, Kamalashila and Maitrisara